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dancing throughout the ages

             Dancing throughout the Ages.
             Throughout the decades, the entertainment world has brought us movies. Of all the movies made for the past years, one thing remains the same. The movies were brought to life by music. Music plays such a major role in movies. Without it, the effects are not as strong. Some famous works with this characteristic are Grease, Dirty Dancing, and Save the Last Dance. All three of these movies are based on different types of music.
             The first movie, Grease, is based on a innocent girl named Sandy who gets involved with a bad boy named Danny. He is the rebel with a fling for dancing. Danny brings out the inner Sandy with music. Sandy, with the help of some girlfriends learns the way of life in high school and how to survive while singing along way. The movie takes place during the 50's with some flinging music of that time. .
             The next movie is Dirty Dancing. This movie takes place during the 80's. Francis, also known as Baby, is on a family camping trip to a resort. She falls in love with the camp dance teacher. During the movie, Patrick Swayze helps Baby realize her place and vise versa. However, Baby and Patrick Swayze are of two different class. She is from a wealthy and established family while Patrick Swayze is just a commoner. Patrick Swayze teaches her how to dance to salsa and theatre arts moves. The dancing in the movie is smooth and energetic. The third movie is Save the Last Dance. This movie is taken place in the 90's and is about a girl named Sara who moves to Chicago's south side from a small town. Because of unfortunate circumstance, she moves in with her father. With the help of Chenelle, she meets Derek who teaches her the meaning of being one's self and living out one's dream. Derek helps her by coaching and training her to be who she really is. With the help of some hip hop music and dance, she reaches for her goal and is accepted into Juilliard School.

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