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Lord of the Dance

             For Christmas, my husband and I received two tickets to attend Lord of the Dance, in late January. The tickets were for Friday, January 31st at 8:00 p.m. The performance was at the Florida Times Union Center for the Performing Arts. The night of the show was during one of the coldest nights I think that I have ever experienced. Jacksonville had hit record lows that night, and the cold spell continued for the next three nights. Due to the weather outside, my husband and I had dressed incredibly warm. Unfortunately, the facility where the show was held over compensated for the extreme cold outside. In turn, we estimated that the heat inside the facility must have been set at about 85 degrees. At seven months pregnant, you have your own mini furnace from within. With the temperature inside the facility, plus the heat of the mini furnace, I felt like I was in my own "living hell". Needless to say, my perception of the rest of the night was probably altered in a negative way.
             We finally made it to our eighth row seats; maybe this night wouldn't be so bad after all. At that same moment, a woman weighing probably 250 pounds sat in the seat next to me. Throughout the performance, I stared more at her arm and leg that were taking over my personal space, than I did at the performers. .
             Another bonus that comes with pregnancy is an uncontrollable bladder. On top of having to use the restroom six times throughout a two and a half hour performance, I had to crawl over the rather large woman, who was invading my personal space, in order to get to the restroom. I have experienced more public restrooms in the last seven months, than I probably will for the rest of my life. I consider myself a type of pubic restroom connoisseur at this point. The restrooms were incredibly clean and maintained. There was a woman in the restroom that handed you your paper towel to dry your hands, offered lotion and then handed out mints as you were leaving.

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