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essay topic: Lord of the flies

             Essay Topic - Destructive Influences.
             William Golding seems to be saying that evil is present as a destructive influence in all humans and operates to work against the forces of reason and civilization. Discuss various destructive acts that occur throughout this novel. .
             Destruction of .
             Life: .
             - Piggy: Piggy is killed so he is loss of life.
             - Simon: Simon is also killed so he is loss of life too.
             - Jack makes a tribe of his own.
             - Jack steals from Ralph's group.
             - When Roger kills Piggy and breaks the conch.
             - Jack doesn't keep fire going (Destroys hope of getting rescued).
             - Jack steals fire for his own use (to cook the meat).
             - Jack steals Piggy's glasses and Ralph cannot re-light the fire.
             - Piggy's glasses; Jack breaks them. The glasses were important to Piggy it gave him vision, and the other boys fire. And since Piggy was the most intelligent, people depended on him to give them an intelligent perspective or idea.
             - Introduction.
             - Government.
             - Life.
             - Conclusion.
             Destructive Influences.
             In the following essay, I will discuss the various destructive influences on humans and their actions as the author; Sir William Golding portrays them in his book, Lord of the Flies. There are many forms of destruction in his book. Firstly, there is destruction of government. Destruction is also present when living creatures including humans are killed.
             Early in the book, Golding describes a type of government forming. He told of a democracy where leaders were elected and everybody's opinion was heard. Everybody was also given the right to speak freely without anybody else interrupting. However, as the struggle for power grew between Ralph and Jack, the democratic government failed and after a revolution, a new dictatorship emerged. There is clearly a destruction of a proper government. The destroying of the conch and the last follower, Piggy, is a sign of a complete end to the democratic government.

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