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Essay on William Golding

             William Golding was born September 1911, in St. Although Golding exhibited writing talent at the age of seven, by his father's demand, studied natural sciences. Throughout his lifetime, Golding has produced over seven full-length novels including his most famous and recognizable works, Lord of the Flies. His reoccurring themes represent a strong relationship between his life experiences and his writings. .
             From a young age, Golding gave up his dream of writing to please his parents by studying natural sciences. Golding's father, a schoolmaster who held strong convictions in religion, politics and science, swayed William from writing to pursue his education in the field of science. Golding studied natural science at Brasenose College, Oxford. .
             Swaying from the desires of his father, he begins his study of English Literature and Philosophy. In 1940, Golding enlisted in the British Navy, giving him a first hand perspective of the War. The bases for many of his works were directly related to the war, and a definite relationship is evident. Throughout his studies at Salisbury, Golding wrote four books, yet, never had any of his works published. His first book, actually published was a collection of poems, one year before he got his degree. .
             Golding's first novel, Lord of the Flies, took place during time of war. Although twenty-one publishers refused his novel, it was finally published in 1954. Lord of the Flies introduced one of Golding's major themes throughout his works, "the conflict between humanity's innate barbarism and the civilizing influence of reason. (Liukkonen)" The novel gave readers an in-depth view of the war, changing the .
             perspective they were so very familiar to. Serving an active role in the second War, such as the sinking of the battleship "Bismarck" and the landing in Normandy, conclusive experiences that can be made out in his writings. Golding's works offered a unique perspective of the war, through the eyes of the children, and showed the evils of society through a seemingly "childish story.

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