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William Golding

             William Gerald Golding is a prominent English novelist, an essayist, poet, and winner of the 1983 Nobel Prize for literature (Bloom 8). Golding is considered unique not only because of his achievements, but also because he is one of very few authors who is able to reach down into the darkest corners of the human heart and reveal the evils that remain foggy to human comprehension. Characterized by a fearless desire to achieve originality, the writings of Golding present new and daring themes. Lord of the Flies, a story illustrating the idea that without civilization our values are lost, was Golding's first novel (Bloom 8). Within this work, symbolism plays a dominant role in the development of the novel. This literary technique is used to give a significance to the major characters and objects which represent a minor theme or figure relating to the story. Lord of the Flies, his most famous novel, is a prime example of Golding's strong use of symbolism and the ability to express the dark side of mankind. .
             William Golding was born in September of 1911 in Cornwall, England. His father, Alec Golding, was a highly regarded schoolmaster in the community. Goldings mother, Mildred A. Golding, occupied herself with her personal interests and frequently left her son secluded with only the company of his nurse, Lily. Goldings extraordinary writings are in no means a result of luck or little effort. As a child, Golding was devoted to books and had a pristine love for literature. By the young age of seven, Golding had already decided that writing was the career that best suited him. After a few years of intense reading and writing, Golding, at the age of twelve, chose to write a twelve volume novel cycle on the trade union movement, but ended up only writing a few pages (Bloom 7). In 1930, after graduating from Malborough Grammar School, Golding attended Brasenose College in Oxford, England. Due to his father's strict requests, Golding was pushed into working towards a degree in science.

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