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The life and times of William Golding

            William Golding was born in the village of St. His father was a schoolmaster and his mother was a suffragette. He is considered to be one of the most important writers of the 20th century. He is famous for writing a book called "Lord of the Flies". When he was in high school, 18 years old, he wrote a collection of poems called "Poems". He was educated at Marlborough Grammar school and at Brasenose College in Oxford. He was studying to be a scientist but abandoned his studies in science and started studying Literature. In his spare time he wrote small plays in London. William Golding became a social worker and after some time he met an analytical chemist, Ann Brookfield, with whom he later married. Then he became a schoolteacher.
             After a while, England became involved in W.W.II. William Golding joined the Royal British Navy. He was six years afloat except for six months at the Naval Research Establishment and seven months in New York. He was injured during the war. His final rank was Lieutenant in command of a rocket ship. Golding's view of life changed after the war. He was honored with the title of "The British Commander of the seas" and he also wrote a book about it. Affected by Battle-Fatique syndrome he lost faith in humans. He didn't even believe that children were innocent. A difficult situation will change a man and reveal his dark side. .
             He returned home and started writing many books but had no success. Then he decided and started writing a book only for himself. The theme of the book was "Mans inhumanity to Man". The book was rejected by twenty-one publishers but a publishing house called Faber & Faber decided to publish the book. It went into paperback printing. The book became a best-seller and was in the booklists of Colleges because every student had to buy it. Everyone started discussing it.
             Another of his books is called "The Inheritors" and it's about cave people.

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