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The Life and Works of William Shakespere

            This essay presents the form of argument the most important events in the life of actor, poet, author and one of the best playwrights of world literature, where the process begins with the state of the literature, in which information was collected about William Shakespeare, in various electronic sources, books and documents, this information is analyzed and debugging it was made. It should then be mentioned in more detail the contributions of some aspects, such as the most important works written throughout his life which were 37,154 sonnets and four operas, all these mostly were inspired to distraction people who lived at that time, as they passed by not very favorable circumstances on health, economy and social. So it also has a bit of his personal life, as it can be said that very little is known about the personal life of William Shakespeare. .
             Thus, this paper is divided into three stages. In the first, it describes and explains the relevant historical, social, political and cultural conditions of the times in which he lived William Shakespeare. It is noteworthy that the time of William Shakespeare was the playwright of the early Renaissance and he was born in the sixteenth century and died in the early seventeenth century and mentions where great importance, the wars that were raised in .
             Back then, the highlight in science, politics, religion, culture and natural disasters. .
             In the second stage, presents the most relevant in your career life, who his parents were, how many brothers did, to be engaged, where he studied, whom he married, how many children they had, where he worked and took him to write his works. In the third stage, the contributions made by Shakespeare are listed here are considered works highlighting the playwright wrote his play Romeo and Juliet which is considered as the most important .
             development .
             This essay, which aims to present the most relevant aspects of the life of William Shakespeare, as his works, his personal life, his adventures, and the contributions he made ​​will have an interpretive approach; that mostly under the age of Shakespeare, the historical, social and cultural conditions will be explained.

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