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Lord of the Dance

             When I saw the title Hip-Hop dance, I was thrilled. When I was younger, my favorite thing to do was to hit up the hip-hop or house music scene. I went to a predominantly black high school. I didn't know how to dance when I got there, but I was always willing to watch and learn from the other students. I befriended a group of girls who taught me how to grind. I thought it was fun and it is the way that I dance best to this day. I had more of an expectation that the hip-hop dance was going to be more like the bump and grind dancing from the clubs, but I have been pleasantly surprised, and slightly miffed. It is pleasant because I am learning something completely new that I think is very fun. I am miffed because I think I suck at it. It is a lot of fun, and I am glad to be a part. I think it is cool to have the background knowledge of this sort of dance. A good example is that I was at 700 Club on Thursday night and there was a group of b-boys and b-girls. They were all breakin". It was so much fun to watch, but what really got me was that when they danced before they started break dancing, I could tell you the different moves they made and what they were called. I knew the guy had definitely been trained somewhere cause it was straight from out of your class. The funniest thing is, is that he knows you. So, obviously people who know what they are talking about trained him. It was impressive, and these guys are good. It makes me want to learn how to break. Then again, my body tells me otherwise. It's been fun. Thanks for the experience. .

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