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The Hindu Temple of Canton, Michigan

            The Hindu Temple of Canton is a white and cream structure made of brick and concrete. Once I arrived at there, I entered through large double doors and entered an amazingly beautiful foyer. After walking around sixteen steps there were two rooms that were used to store used removed before entering the prayer hall. I was initially nervous, I am sure the expression on my face revealed my secret. Fortunately I was greeted by one of the devotees who offered to escort me into the prayer hall, and explain the ceremony that was occurring. I entered the prayer hall; the floors were covered in carpet and tile. The devotees were seated on the carpet with legs folded over on another. The ceremony was dedicated to Lord Hanuma. On Tuesday's devotees of Hinduism visit temples, sing mantras, and pray to the Lord Hanuma. They pray for universal peace and forgiveness. During the final puga (prayer) the devotees lined up into two single lined and each person took a gold plate with five candles and went in a clockwise motion, according to The Hindu Temple of Canton's website this is to called Aarati which means;.
             The light, being a symbol of knowledge is showed in front of the Deities, and people take a closer look at the Deities as the light moves around them. As the light circles around, people in their mind pray to the god saying that " "Oh Lord! Please take me from the darkness to light. Give me the divine knowledge. Show me the right path, as you are the one who is leading me; and lead me in the right path. "This is a symbol of total surrender to Lord Hanuma performed to dispel bad omens.
             After the ceremony Priest Kiran gave me a tour of the main prayer hall. He explained the purpose meaning of all the statues of deities that were there. The first deities were the Goddess Sridevi, Lord Balaji, and the Goddess Bhoodevi. Lord Balaji is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, he is surrounded by is the Goddesses Sridevi and Bhoodevi both forms of Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and fertility.

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