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When Muslims Attack Hindus

            The past centuries were characterized by conflicts among different communities or religions. Religious conflicts among groups such as Muslims-Christians and Muslims-Hindus were rampant. As a result, a number of religions suffered massive losses and destruction of valuable property. The most notable and perfect example of religious conflict is the destruction of the Hindu art by the Muslim community. Muslims invaded India and destroyed massive property worth millions of dollars (Brass 34). They smashed numerous temples of worship and killed a number of Indians. The destruction of the Hindu art resulted from the battle for supremacy and religious rivalry; however, the Muslims' actions of brutally murdering Indians, destroying temples, stealing property, raping, and forcefully kidnapping women were unjustified and unacceptable.
             An army of Muslims invaded India and destroyed numerous resources and various temples of worship. Kossak and Watts inform, "Hindu temples are themselves objects of worship" (34). The Muslim invaders destroyed temples with valuable and respected Indian idols (Knapp par.1). This means they hurt the Hindu and interfered with their freedom of worship against their will (Doniger 459; Krieken-Pieters 45). During the Islamic Imperialism in India, Aurangzeb ordered the destruction of more than 200 Hindu temples in the year 1679 (Khan 199). With such a figure, it is not hard to assume the innumerable temples, which were destroyed throughout Aurangzeb's reign until today. Clearly, they brutality met on the Hindu temples cannot be justified by a mere misunderstanding. They are criminal activities leveled against private property and deserved equivalent punishment.
             Furthermore, the soldiers stole various useful properties such as pieces of jewelry and gold from the temples (Stietencron 180). According to Asher, the action arose from the rivalries and disagreements between the Indians and Muslims (40).

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