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The Five Major World Religions

            The earth consists of five major world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Most people practice their religion as an escape from all of their misfortunes and to find forgiveness for all of their sins. However, many people argue that religion is outdated and only holding us back by dividing the people of the world. What they fail to realize, however, is that religion helps to unite the people around us in more ways than one.
             Islam and Christianity both evolved from the religion of Judaism so they all have quite similar beliefs. For example, each of these religions has at least one holiday and one holy day. Judaism has Hanukkah, Christianity has Christmas and Easter, and Islam has Eid and Ramadan. The Islamic holy day lies on a Friday at the mosque while the Christians celebrate their religion at church on a Sunday morning. The Hebrew (Judaism) people celebrate their holy day in the middle, on a Saturday, and practice from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on a Saturday. They celebrate their holy day on a Saturday because they believe that this day was when God finished creating the earth. All 5 religions also have some form of prayer or meditation and something that they pray too. In Hinduism, they worship many Gods and pray too many different forms of the "Brahman", the most divine spirit.
             In Buddhism, they don't pray to any God. Instead, they spend their days meditating trying to find the peace in the world and to help themselves reach nirvana (release from selfishness and pain).
             In Judaism, the people pray to Yahweh and ask for protection from all the evil and danger in the world. In Christianity, the people pray to Jesus (who some believe is the son of God, while others believe he is God, a very controversial topic among Christians.) or instead they pray to God. Lastly, the Muslims (Islam) pray to Allah, who is their God and ask him for protection, forgiveness, good health, i.

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