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Major Religions of the World

            With over 4,000 religions spread across the world and approximately 7.13 billion people who are subject to being a part of one, religion is a major topic among us. It's something that nearly all humans have in common. People in all eras of history, all around the world, have contemplated the same things: the meaning of life, how we should live it, and how it will end. And it's these kind of questions that are attempted to be answered in religion. Judaism is the first recorded history to answer these questions with one god. Being the first recorded monotheistic religion, you would assume that the religion would be a major one. In reality, it isn't. Judaism only accounts for around 0.2% of the world's population, with only 14 million followers. It is considered an ethnic religion, as it has minimal growth. The term "Judaism" derives from Judah, the son of Jacob and the grandson of Abraham. The beliefs of Judaism are mainly centered around the Torah- the five books of Moses. Basic Judaism beliefs consist of identifying god as the only god and only one to be prayed to, knowing that the words of the profits are true, and recognizing that the Messiah will come. Today followers of Judaism are spread far apart from each other, with two-fifths living in the United States, two-fifths living in Israel, and the remainder spread out across many different countries. This is the result of continuous persecution against followers of Judaism. .
             Hinduism, the third largest religion in the world, is quite different from Judaism. Most Hindus have an adherence to a specific perception or god. The majority of Hindus, a massive 80%, worship Vishnu, who is viewed as a loving god. Also, Hinduism's followers massively outnumber Judaism's. Judaism's 14 million followers look petite compared to Hinduism's 400 million, and the majority of the 400 million people live in the same country. Contrasting Judaism's distribution, 90% of Hindu's live in India, while the majority of the other 10% are in surrounding countries.

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