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My Sweet Sixteen

            La fiesta de quinceañera, always known as a sweet fifteen, is a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday, celebrated by Hispanics or Latinos. The fifteenth birthday is a special time period for young woman, it is celebrated differently because it is the transition from childhood to womanhood. In the past, elderly women taught girls to cook and weave. They also taught girls about child rearing, along with marriage preparation. Today, it's still celebrated for the same purpose, the transition, but not for the preparation of marriage and being a housewife. Nowadays, it's a tradition to celebrate a young girl's journey from childhood to maturity, even "gringos" celebrate this tradition. .
             I remember my sweet fifteen like it was yesterday, it was my special moment and the best night in my life. At first, I didn't want a sweet, but after a lot of deliberation my family finally convinced me. Planning a sweet fifteen is fairly similar to planning a wedding. Before anything, I had to find a banquet or hall, where most of our money was invested in. It took a while to find the perfect place, but as soon as I walked into The Graycliffs I knew that is where I wanted to have my party. We spoke to the owner, he explained the different packages and put us down for the food tasting. The food tasting was so helpful because we did make any blind decisions. We knew what we liked and did not like. After the food tasting, we signed the contract and chose the package we wanted, along with the food choices we enjoyed. Next on the list, we met up with an event decorator, to help me pick a theme and decorate the hall. I did not know what theme I wanted at all and she helped me very much. I was being particular with the theme because I did not want to do something so common. At last, she gave me the idea of doing Midnight in Paris. Along with finding an event decorator, I needed a choreographer. I think that was the easiest challenge because I knew a family friend who was a choreographer.

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