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            In today's society, dreams outnumber people by an exorbitant amount. To make your aspirations come true is a steeper hill to climb. Music, is a dream in and of itself. It carries the emotions, hearts, souls, and future of our people. In almost every aspect of a person's life, whether it is the background song to a million-dollar ad campaign for Coca-Cola, or the first few beats that allows a father and daughter to dance together at her Sweet Sixteen, music has become essential. To be able to learn and practice in an industry that not only propels human nature forward but also beautifies it in its process, would be a dream of mine. .
             New York University provides every possible advantage to be successful in the music industry. It has a specific degree program designed for those who have a passion for music and want to become a Record Label Executive. It encourages its students to become involved in their programs such as Village Records and the university's radio station. This gives students a chance to hone their skills and to be as prepared as possible when applying for an internship and/or a job. NYU, while having these advantages employed within their university, is located in the heart of the music industry giving the students every opportunity possible to be successful. The only way to survive in any business today is to learn from experience and to communicate and network early on. What better way to do this than to get education where so many of the top record labels and radio stations in the country are already located. .
             Success in education is relative to the students interest and passion and to the professors knowledge and experience of the subject matter. From countless musicals and plays, to years of vocal and instrumental training, endless hours of picking apart melodies and beats and simply watching documentaries and biographies of essential artists and music moguls, much of my life thus far has been consumed in learning as many aspects as possible of the music business.

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