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College Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination

            Affirmative Action is now considered to be reverse discrimination, providing a disadvantage to any race other than African American. Colleges pride themselves on their statistics. Irrelevant factors such as percentage of students with a certain religion or ethnicity are now extremely powerful. While college acceptance should be based solely on academic and extracurricular accomplishments, unfair variables such as race and gender are interfering with colleges' admission decisions in order to meet certain quotas. The Constitution requires all public universities in the country to be, "colorblind." If this standard was met, colleges would not even have a, "race," category on their application (Affirmative Action 1). Students today work throughout their entire high school life, striving to get accepted into their dream school. If a white student and a black student apply to the same college, despite their grades, the black student automatically has a greater chance of acceptance. In the 2013-2014 school year, a phenomenon occurred. Kwasi Ennis, a teenage boy, was accepted to all eight Ivy League Universities. This was unheard of, but his odds were greater because he is brilliant and African American. The Supreme Court says that they have, "nearly," abolished the requirement for colleges to give an advantage in admissions to African Americans. This is unlawful and unfair due to the Powell Decision of 1978 outlawing school's use of racial profiling ("Affirmative Action" 2). Not only are colleges giving advantages, they are also putting anyone of the Asian, or Caucasian race at a disadvantage. .
             Not only does Affirmative Action increase the likelihood of African Americans being accepted to college, it dramatically decreases the likelihood of races such as Asians being accepted ("Stereotypes and Their Affect on Asians"). Due to the fact that Asians are stereotyped as all being smart, colleges sometimes do not accept them even if they are brilliant because they are, "average," for their background.

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