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Education and Affirmative Action

            Affirmative action is perhaps one of the most heavily debated topics within companies and college admission offices. The steps taken to ensure that minorities are represented in college and the workplace can overstep boundaries and begin to cross into reverse discrimination. However, a balanced approach towards affirmative action can be effective if implemented well. Through the examination of various sources and opinions, a wide array of positions on this critical topic can be found. It is very important that American companies and colleges continue to take steps to protect racial equality well into the future. .
             Over the years, the American perspective towards affirmative action has fluctuated dramatically. While during the 1960s and 70s affirmative action was critical to overcome racial barriers, since that time period the positive effects of affirmative action have lessened. In Source A, the drop in African Americans who are being admitted to California colleges is shown. The numbers are stated: "African American freshmen at UCLA dropped from 7.1% of the class in 1995 to 3.6% in 2012. At UC Berkeley, African Americans made up 6.3% of freshmen in 1995 and 3.4% last fall. " .
             This drop in enrollment of African Americans at California state colleges may be due in part to Proposition 209, passed as a law in 1996, which eliminates affirmative action measures in California in both the workplace and college. The playing field was leveled because of the implementation of this proposition, and some African Americans fell to the bottom of college applicants. However, this proposition could have served as motivation to minority students. While race should be one of several considerations in the process of college admissions, it should not be the deciding factor in admitting one student over another. When race plays a major role in college admissions, it reduces the racial equality in the American college system.

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