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Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson

            Emily Dickinson is known for her unique form of writing and vivid imaginative themes. She incorporates life into her poems through different types of poetic expression. She also uses unique punctuation and capitalization to express the feeling in her poems.
             Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on December Tenth, Eighteen-hundred and thirty. She was born into the small community of Amherst, Massachusetts. Being the middle of three children, she had one older brother and one younger sister. Around the age of nine, the Dickinson's moved to a farm nearby. Around the age of sixteen, Emily graduated from Amherst Academy, the school her grandfather established. That same fall she enrolled at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. Only attending for two semesters, she had no intentions of returning. While attending Mount Holyoke Emily was unable to "convert--that is to experience a confession of faith and to testify to her experiences before the entire church. (Steffens 11-25).
             Emily lived a life of seclusion, she left Massachusetts only once and hardly left her fathers house during the last fifteen years of her life. Even if Emily's physical life was uneventful, her mind was going at an uncharted rate. "Her mind was anything but provincial- (Modern 26). She was the type of person who thought deeply about what she read. She showed a great likeness of the poetry of John Keats and Robert Browning. She was also fond of the novels by George Eliot and Charlotte, also Emily Bronte. Another key reading she was influenced by was the King James Version of the Bible, stressing the book of Revelations. (Modern 26-28; Emily 1-2).
             Emily was an avivid letter writer. Eventually Emily began to write poems in her letters to her friends and relatives. The idea of Emily's work has baffled and intrigued literary researchers for years. For sometime there was the thought that she had a male suitor or mentor encouraging her.

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