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Emily Dickinson

             Emily Dickinson can be known as one of the greatest poets of her time (Reinhart 343). Her poems were not recognized until after her death (Young 77). Though her poems, the world came to know about Emily Dickinson and her life (Reinhart 343). Dickinson's poems came about through her religious belief and spiritual reading. Emily reads the bible as often as she read shakes spare, in search of characters which she would absorb into her own drama. In her poetry Emily Dickinson expresses her views on life death and religion.
             Emily Dickinson" s works drew harsh criticism when it first appeared. Many of her poems on the subject of nature .
             Love, death and immortality are now considered among the most emotionally and intellectually found in the English language (Young 76). Dickinson was born Amherst, Massachusetts, where she lived almost all her life. She went to Amherst Academy where she studied philosophy, the doctrines of a sovereign God, and the necessity for personal salvation. Dickinson however did not accept these teaching .
             of the Unitarian church attended by her family and despite her desire to experiences a religious awakening. Biographers .
             generally agree that Dickinson experienced an emotional crisis of an undermined nature in the early 1860's(Young 76). Dickinson refusal to leave her home or to meet any one became the start of isolation. It became even further when her father died and she was left with an invalid mother . Her mother died two years later. This was when Emily Dickinson emotional depression went bad. She was later diagnosed as having Bright" s disease, a kidney dysfunction that resulted in her death in May 1886. After her death her Sister Latvinia discover over 100 poem written by Dickinson, abandoned and unfinished. Some time later.
             her poems were edited by Todd and soon published (Young 77).
             Dickinson's experience of love and death were important to her poetic vocation and her attitude towards fame .

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