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Emily Dickinson

             Emily Dickinson was considered to be one of the greatest American lyric poets that ever lived. Emily was born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts. She lived a very sheltered and exclusive life, rarely venturing out of her bedroom. Emily stayed in her room and wrote poetry, and read books all day. Emily never had any of her poems published, because she hated fame, and did not want to be acknowledged for her work. .
             Emily Dickinson was born December tenth 1830. Her father Edward Dickinson, was a successful lawyer, a member of congress, and for many years treasurer of Amherst College. (Emily 352) Emily's mothers name was Emily Norcross Dickinson, she was a submissive timid woman. (Emily 352) Emily had an older brother and a younger sister. Emily's brother William Austin was a lawyer. (Emily 352) William and Emily were not to close relationship wise; she never really opened up to anyone. Her younger sister Lavenia was in a way like Emily she also never left the house. (Emily 352) Lavenia was the chief housekeeper of her household. Neither Emily nor Lavenia ever married.
             (Skiba 216) .
             Emily's brother Austin married a woman by the name of Susan Huntington, in 1856. (Skiba 216) Emily used to go to school with Susan. Over the years Emily grew very close to Susan, Emily considered her to be her best friend. Susan lived right next door to Emily; She was a very big influence in Emily's life. Many other writers such as John Keats, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Isaac Watts and many other biblical poets also influenced Emily. (Emily 352).
             Emily did attend school, before she became completely unsocial. She went to Amherst Academy for a few years, before attending Mt. Holyoak College. (Skiba 216) Emily loved to read especially if it had anything to do with Shakespeare or Religion. While at college she majored in Chemistry and Astronomy. (Dickinson, New Book 153) Almost every girl at that school had decided to become a missionary, but Emily did not believe that was the life for her so she returned home after attending one year of college.

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