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Analysis of Two Dance Works

             I am going to compare and contrast 2 professional dance works: "Never Again" and "Waterless Method Of Swimming Instruction.".
             "Never Again" was choreographed by Lloyd Newson and performed by the DV8 Physical Theatre in 1989.
             Lloyd Newson first entered the dance profession when he joined the NEW Zealand Ballet in 1979. He then came to Britain in 1980 and studied with the "London Contemporary Dance School" (LDCS) for 1 year. He then joined "Extemporary Dance Theatre" (EDT) where he danced for 5 years. After EDT he began to develop his own style and wanted to follow his "personal politics". He formed DV8 Physical Theatre in 1986 to brake down the barriers between "dance, theatre and personal politics". He wanted a wider range of audiences so they performed in smaller venues, which also decreased the ticket prices allowing anyone to afford tickets. .
             The stimulus point for "Never Again" was section 28. It was choreographed as a response to section 28:.
             "Authorities shall not promote the teaching in any.
             Maintained schools of the acceptability of homosexuality.
             As a pretended family relationship.".
             Channel 4 commissioned Lloyd Newson to create "Never Again" for "Signals". It is a narrative piece that shows a collection of images and uses a taboo subject matter to provoke a reaction from the audience. It is a dance with meaning. .
             The movement content of Newson work has no fixed technique. In "Never Again" the use of symbolic work is important. Newson uses stylised pedestrian movements such as:.
             v Looking at fingers.
             v Turning head to the side.
             v Shaking/nodding head.
             v Running hand through hair.
             v Laughing.
             The movement is naturalistic flow. We see a collection of people socialising. They represent a modern, formal, and city style bar middle class.
             Newson also uses a lot of contact work in "Never Again". Here are some of the contact movement content:.
             v Contact between the back and the upper torso and the legs entwined.

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