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Film Analysis - Mig ägen ingen

            The film "Mig ägen ingen" is based on a biography of the same title by Åsa Linderborg. It is about the evolving relationship between Lisa and her single working class father, Hasse, who is an alcoholic. As Hasse copes with his divorce with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and his political ideology in the other, Lisa is torn between her loyalty to her father and her ambition to live up to her full potential. Finally, the day comes where Lisa is forced to choose to either leave her father or go under herself. This is deeply moving movie which highlights a daughter's unconditional love for her father and the difficult sacrifices one has to make in order to do what is right. Narrated in three distinct time periods in Lisa's life, the film captures the social and political environment of Sweden in the 1970s. By setting this film in a small Swedish industrial town where the skies are almost perpetually grey and where its buildings are uninspiring and bare, the director succeeds in creating an ideal atmosphere which not only aligns with, but amplifies its characters' despondency and despair during that period. Set in a time when a large number of the population was laborers and faced with poverty, Nobody Owns Me explores a universal problem even though its focus is mainly on the relationship between the film's main characters, Lisa and her father. The social structures and economic factors during that period led to a large number of individuals with ideas of social reform similar to the views held by Hasse.
             The film's main conflict is introduced in the opening minutes of the film when we see the contrasting differences in Lisa's attitude towards her father as an adult and as a child who sees her father as a hero in a blazing rain of fire at the steel factory where he works. These two contrasting scenes leads the audience to question why there is a sudden shift in Lisa's affection for her father, which is the central theme of this film.

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