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Lyme Disease speech

            FORMAL SPEECH ANALYSIS FORM(Hand in prior to speech).
             SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform the audience of Lyme disease .
             The subject of Lyme disease will effect the audience in some way, either in their roles as parents, pet owners, or outdoorsmen. My information they can use to beware of the dangers of the disease.
             OUTLINE FORM (Generally put down what you are going to do at the podium).
             INTRODUCTION: By a shocking show of hands I hope to show how many people get bitten by ticks and realize how susceptible to lyme disease everyone is.(Also stats, region found).
             (TRANSITION) This is what I'm going to talk to you about today.
             THESIS STATEMENT: I am going to inform you of the symptoms, treatment, and preventative measures to keep you and your family safe from lyme disease. .
             (TRANSITION) The first thing we need to know about Lyme disease is the symptoms.
             MAIN POINT #1: There are many symptoms ,but the most prominent is bull's-eye rash. .
             (TRANSITION) Learning of the symptoms brings us to the next step. .
             MAIN POINT #2: Early treatment is the key to curing Lyme disease.
             (TRANSITION) After listening to the last two subjects makes us want to pay great attention to this last one .
             MAIN POINT #3: A Vaccine is now under testing for lyme disease but until approved the best protection is vigilance.
             (TRANSITION) In conclusion.
             CONCLUSION: I will sum up info, and restate thesis .
             SOURCES USED:.
             (1.) "Lyme Disease."" Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 97 Encyclopedia. (c)1993-1996. Microsoft Corporation.
             Introduction & Symptoms | Causes & Treatments | Recommended Web Sites .
             How many people have ever gotten a tick on you. Just about anyone who has dogs, or walks through the woods has most likely had a tick or two to latch on. When we find a tick we usually just pull it off and hope no one saw it before we did. But everyone should beware of the dangers of a tick bite. One of the dangers is Lyme disease.

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