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Lyme Disease

            In this paper I will discuss Lyme Disease as it .
             relates to it's causes, the effects that Lyme .
             Disease has on the body, both physical .
             and mental, how it is transmitted and lastly the .
             method of treatment. Lyme Disease is an infection .
             caused by Borrelia burgodorferi, a type of .
             bacterium carried by deer-ticks. Infected ticks .
             can transmit bacterium to humans and animals. You .
             can be infected by the deer tick if it has been .
             attached to your skin for about 36-48 hours. .
             Untreated bacterium travels through the .
             bloodstream and can cause a number of symptoms, .
             some are severe. To prevent being infected by the .
             deer-ticks wear enclosed shoes, light-colored .
             clothing with a tight weave to spot ticks easily, .
             scan clothes and any exposed skin frequently when .
             outdoors, use insect repellant containing DEET, .
             avoid sitting directly on the ground or on stone .
             walls, and keep long hair tied back, Lyme Disease .
             can turn itself into a multi-system inflammatory .
             disease that affects the skin in its early stage .
             and spread to the joints, nervous system and to .
             other organ systems in later stages. .
             In it's early stages the physical problems could .
             show is that it can appear as a solid red .
             expanding rash, it could be about 5 to 6 inches .
             in diameter, or it could show as a central spot .
             surrounded by clear skin that is in turn ringed .
             by an expanding rash kind of like a bull's-eye. .
             They can appear anywhere on the body that has .
             creases like on the back of the knee, the armpit, .
             and on nape of the neck. The mental problems that .
             could occur is headache, joint pains, chills, .
             fever, fatigue, aching neck, abnormal pulse, sore .
             throat, and change in vision. .
             Treatment that is begun during the first three .
             weeks will most likely provide a cure, but the .
             cure rate decreases the longer the treatment is .
             delayed. There are three oral antibiotics are .
             most highly recommended for treatment of all but .
             a few symptoms of Lyme Disease. Studies have .

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