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             I think people really need to sit down and reevaluate what marriage is and what is means to them. I think that they need to come to an agreement on what marriage is to them before the dive head first into a binding ceremony that says they are to be with each other and only each other forever. It seems to me that marriage is becoming so disposable to most people as time goes on. The percentage of households consisting of married couples fell from 79% in 1950 to 55% in 1991. .
             The value system of the family is rapidly decreasing I think and its time to make it stop. How bout all these children coming from these broken homes? What do they think a family is supposed to be made up of? Yelling, screaming, and hatred? These kids are just going to grow up to become part of broken homes themselves. They are not going to know how to trust and keep a relationship. I"m not saying all children from broken families will be like this but studies have shown that a lot of them are.
             Keep in mind that when you choose to have children you made an independent contract with them to present them with a stable home where they can learn the skills they need to succeed in life. Such as how to resolve conflicts in a healthy, cultured way, finding a successful answer that works well enough for both sides. If they see parents not able to converse respectfully to each other or to resolve their difference in a dignified way, then that is likely to be way they will resolve they"re own problems when it comes they"re time. Learning the skills of conflict resolution and communication is much, much cheaper both financially and psychologically than divorce. One fifth of young American children raised in poverty from these single mothers trying to make a living and raise they"re children because they got some dead beat dad that wont pay child support. And for the families who are still together the evidence clearly indicates that men are sharing very little of the burden of raising children and care of the home.

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