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Greed, Power and the Causes of War

            In my assignment, I studied the causes of many different wars. These included World War One, the Russian Revolution, the Yugoslavian war, the Arab/Israeli Wars and the Gulf War. At the end of my research I came to the conclusion that, if a war hadn't been caused by it, then the human hunger for greed and power would certainly be a major building block in the foundation. In my efforts to portray this conclusion, I will explain the main causes for each of war I mentioned earlier. The sheet I have given you contains subheadings of the different wars that I will be talking about. There are a few main points for each one. Please remember, while I speak, that the information that you hear can at times be quite subjective as it is my translation of the research I have done. Please, if you do not agree with anything I have said or your conclusion is different to the one I have drawn, then fell free to write it at the bottom, and explain why you don't agree.
             World War One originated from many different sources, four main ones. These were the spreading of nationalism through European countries; the build up of military strength, especially in Germany; the fight for colonies in countries such as Africa and Asia; and the different military alliances that formed before the war, such as the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. The Russian Revolution however, was a perfect example of how people will take advantage of the collapsing of an Empire. There were many economic problems occurring in Russia, as well the mistreatment of the peasant class. These peasants did not receive what was entitled to them, and therefore revolted. The conflict was enhanced when single parties strove for personal gain, in a situation were it involved a whole society. The Yugoslavian War (Serbian/Croatian) was caused by a variance in religious beliefs. This caused conflict within the mixed populations of Yugoslavia. There was also a great economic downfall, hence leaving the leaders scraping for power and independence.

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