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Divorce Affects Everyone

             What is divorce? A divorce is when a married couple no longer wants to be together. The couple must go to court and the judge must order a divorce. The process of getting a divorce can be long and strenuous. Divorces can cost lots money and take up most of your time. A divorce can really hurt the children involved. A divorce also affects the extended families of both people getting divorced. A divorce not only affects the people couple getting the divorce but everyone around the couple. .
             A divorce takes a huge financial toll on both parties involved. To go through the process of getting a divorce you must hire a lawyer, which cost money. You also have to pay for court time every time you appear in court. When you do finally get the divorce that's when you really realize how much money you have lost. If you have children who ever gets custody of the children will receive the most benefits in most cases. In most cases the judge will rule for the person that lost custody of the children to pay child support. The person that lost will also have to pay alimony. When getting a divorce you should know you are taking a big finical risk.
             The persons most affected by divorce are the children involved. Most children may think the divorce is because of them. The children may go through several changes in behavior. The children may begin to act up in school or begin to display negative attitudes. It is a proven fact that children who grow up with both parents are more likely to be successful. The children may also change their view of what family is and how to treat family. The children could also be torn on which parent to believe on what happened to make the couple get divorced. The children might not want to stay with the parent the judge orders them to stay with.(Which can cause a big confusion.) Parents should think about how their children will react to the divorce because they are the ones affected the most by their parents" decision.

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