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The Effects of Divorce

             Divorce can be extremely painful for children, adults, and extended family members. My parents divorced when I was seven years old, and I remember how traumatic it was for me. I want to make sure my son Bryce is able to cope with the effects of my divorce. My ex-husband and I are not coping very well and it seems we are always our worst in each other's presence. This causes stress for our son. I have to rely on my family to help with most of my son's needs, and this causes stress for me. My divorce has been both emotionally and financially traumatic to my extended family, myself, but most of all my divorce has and will continue to affect my son for the rest of his life. .
             The effect my divorce has had on my family has been both emotionally and financially stressful. My parents have given up a great deal of their free time to care for my son while I am working and attending college. They take care of Bryce during the week and on the weekends when I am working. In addition, they provide financial support to me by helping with my car payment, car insurance, car repairs, food and clothing. They also have to help me with my medical expenses as well. Another stressful effect on my parents is playing the role of a disciplinarian to my son. Grandparents should be able to spoil their grandchildren and not have to take on the role of a parent. I am so thankful that my parents do provide discipline, love, emotional and financial support for my son and me. I sometimes feel that the emotional and financial burden of helping my son and me sometimes puts a strain on my relationship with my .
             parents. I am concerned that they will resent me because they are spending money they may need for their retirement. My mother was planning on retiring next year but may not be able because of financial reasons.

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