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The Causes and Effects of Divorce

            A few states require couples who file for divorce to take classes in order to educate them about their decision. Considering that I am a child of two divorced parents, I believe that this is a mandatory judicial step that should be enforced in all areas of the country. The classes will provide several possible outcomes of this decision. While many couples are given the choice of pre-marital counseling, I also believe that these courses should be declared vital in order to get married. From my knowledge, the causes of a possible divorce are not discussed during pre-marital counseling. However, I believe this should be the most important part of class because it will help couples to make better decisions within their relationship. The causes of divorce are adultery and stress, while the main product of this is the effect it has on children.
             Many people tend to "rush " into their marriage without truly knowing their partner. Taking a relationship in a fast pace often results in a quick end. It is essential to take time to get to know someone before marriage. Without this, the spontaneous marriage often develops into a broken one. What many people fail to realize is that rushing a relationship often causes unhappiness, which is the top factor behind adultery. It has been estimated that from thirty percent to sixty percent of all married individuals will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage. (truthaboutdeception) Cheating is the number one cause of divorce. Another obvious factor of divorce is stress. It can often become generated by many things such as financial problems and work. Many newlyweds, especially young people, face money issues. Fifty percent of divorces are due to disagreement over money. (divorcesource) Finances are very important to manage in life, so it is obvious that some people will do anything to reach ends meet. Often couples have no choice but to accept a low-paying, stressful job.

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