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Think You're a Good Driver?

             Certain people have different ideas of what a good driver is. Just because you always abide by the speed limit, slow down at those yellow lights and always let people cross in cross-walks does not make you a good driver. It means you are a cautious driver and frankly, there is no place for you on my road, so get off. A good driver knows how to control his vehicle at all speeds, within reason of course, and in all sorts of conditions, whether it be rain, snow, sleet or a completely dry road. This type of person makes driving a fun, enjoyable adventure. It is a pleasure driving in the company of someone who shares the same opinions about driving. As one of today's greatest philosophers George Carlin says, anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot, and anyone who drives faster is a $#@& lunatic; this statement is true to any driver around the world. There is nothing more satisfying than speeding down the highway with a fellow driver and trying to see who can get to a location that doesn't exist down the highway first. Some would refer to this as a race. I know I would. I will now discuss some techniques that are only known and practiced by good drivers, by my definition at least. .
             The first technique I will recognize is referred to as pushing, also commonly known as tailgating. It is the tactic of encouraging the driver in front of you to speed up by getting up on his rear end so he can't even see your headlights in his rearview. If he can see your headlights, you"re too far away. This is a tricky procedure because the driver may react by stomping on his brakes and BOOM you hit his behind. Then you have to break another law by running before the person can get your plate number, because the last thing you need is the cops to come. This tactic is sometimes risky, but most drivers would be so inclined as to speed up when they"re being pushed, at least a little bit and hey, you"re going to get to your destination quicker.

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