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Short Story

            The alarm clock goes off at 6:15 by my roommates bed, it is way too early to be getting up. My body lays there dead in what I use to call and extremely uncomfortable mattress which now seems like a bed of feathers not letting get up. The pain of waking up and crawling down those stairs from my loft is worsening by what I know is to come. A quick cool shower awakens my senses and brings chills down my spine. My body yearns for a nice big breakfast but I know that would not be to wise. A quick apple cinnamon nuturgain bar is all I eat. I put on my white Nike gym shorts and grab a white undershirt. My shoes are then slipped on without care left untied and coming on and off as I walk. The eight other freshman baseball players and I take the elevator down to the main floor. The sun has just started to rise by the time we are out and the cool mourning air gives us chills, we are all silent. .
             We join the other 20 or some players in the gym, sitting on the old bleachers. As a group we look like cattle ready for the slaughter. All of us freshman have heard the stories and now we can not believe it is actually going to happen to us. They gave us tips on how to survive and what under no surcomstance what should never cross our mind. I was sitting half asleep on those old wooded bleachers waiting for the most painful hour in my life. I knew physically I could not do it but mentally I had a chance.
             Ron stands about 5'10" and weighs around 230, and given those dimensions you would think he was fat. Ron is the strongest person that I have ever stood next too. He has one expression, one emotion, one way of talking; it simply is the look of "Who are you, I'm going to kill you". He has more veins showing in his arms than I knew were in the human body, his calves come out over six inches, his neck is the size of my waist. He is the most intense, insane, hard ass person I have ever met. Nothing makes this man happy, you can not impress this man, and no joke would ever make him laugh.

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