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Ancient Greece, The Wars That Changed it Forever

            Greece was possibly one of the most inspirational civilizations of the time. The Greek civilization withstood many wars through a long period, about 3000 BC - 30 BC The Greek empire was home to some of the most brilliant minds of the past. Some of these minds included; Plato, Alexander the Great, and Socrates. These were possibly some of the greatest.
             One of the most intriguing things about this ancient and wonderful empire was the warfare. The Greeks withstood many wars against other countries. They fought for their empire with pride and strategy. Many lives were lost, and many battles fought. There were only two types of people during the time of war; those who would fight, and those who wouldn't.
             One of the most well known wars is the Trojan War. Nobody knows exactly what happened, and many stories have been told to fill in the gap. The most commonly known story, the only one proven to be true, is this. Helen, daughter of Zeus, was one of the most beautiful woman in Greece, her father had told her to never marry. One day she met the most powerful leaders in ancient Greece, Agamemnon. Helen fell in love with this man, and fled with him, so they could marry. They fled far away to the city of Troy. When word of this spread to Greece, the Greeks demanded the return of Helen. When the Trojans refused, war was declared.
             The Greek's assembled an army, and a fleet of one thousand ships. They assembled the fleet at Aulis and when all preparations were in order, they set off for troy. When the first man set foot on the island, he was immediately killed by the leader of the Trojan army.
             In one last attempt, for a peaceful return of Helen, the Greeks send an embassy into Troy.
             When the Trojans again denied the return of Helen, the Greeks broke out into an all out siege against troy which lasted many years.
             During the course of the war, many lives were lost, and many events took place. It seemed most likely that Troy would win, but the Greek armies still had one trick up their sleeves.

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