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Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill

            Thomas Cahill's Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, depicts the culture of ancient Greece. It describes the Greece's way of life from politics to art. I intend to prove that Greek works, both written and non-written, can inspire people to think differently and the total effects these works had as a whole in ancient Greece and in today's modern society. .
             1.) Homer was one of the great writers of ancient Greece. He is famous for writing both The Iliad and The Odyssey. The Iliad is about Achilles and his battle with Agamemnon. Achilles is known throughout Greece as the ideal male. He was an attractive, athletic warrior, but in Homer's tale, he is shown to have a temper and only cares for winning and prizes. The true man and hero of The Iliad is Hector. Not only does he have fighting spirit, he has valor and is not a wrathful person like Achilles. The Iliad not only teaches Greeks the ideal way of being a warrior but it also gives the modern world a view of ancient warfare. We would not know as much as we do not about ancient warfare without homer. .
             2.) Before the alphabet, the Greeks were an oral society. They would discuss various topics in groups and talk in public areas. Homer's stories were not written down. They were memorized by heart and then told to the public. One if his stories, The Odyssey, taught there was something much more important than battles, and death. It showed that connecting with family and other close people was a better way of life. .
             The Greeks had always had a sense of freedom. Before democracy was created in Greece, people had the freedom to discuss all sorts of things, unlike other surrounding nations. When the Greeks created their alphabet consisting of fewer characters, this revolutionized Greece. With this new alphabet, more people can learn to read and write. This increase of literacy among the Greeks gave empowerment to the people and encourage them to solve the mysteries of the world.

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