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How the Irish Saved Civilization

            Thomas Cahill wrote a national bestseller entitled "How the Irish Saved Civilization." This book portrays a time in history where a lot of chaos was going on and nothing was ever for certain. It takes a gander into the vast history of Ireland during a period in which Ireland made a lasting impression on the entire world. Thomas Cahill, in an attempt to prove the way in which the Irish saved civilization did prove his point, however the way in which he went about it was absurd.
             During the rise of medieval Europe, Ireland was a country that was looked down upon by the rest of the world. No one would ever say the words Ireland and civilization in the same sentence, because they definitely did not possess the characteristics of a "normal" civilization. This small island on the edge of Europe was filled with wild, corrupt citizens, who enjoyed excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. They were a country who never actually saw a time of enlightenment like many other countries during this time have. A lot of neighboring lands were experiencing periods of rebirth and renewal, and were gaining knowledge and new insights each and every day. Everyone was else was becoming richer and smarter, while Ireland was stuck out in right field being the inferior European country. No one respected them, and why would anyone when they would go to battle dressed in nothing but their pale skin? They didn"t even go to war anymore because Ireland was thought of as the pushover of Europe and didn"t stand a chance against anyone. Ireland was being left in the dark while everyone else was achieving much higher status, until finally they had a moment of unforgettable glory.
             Barbarians began invading Roman cities and villages. Upon their entrance, they started to diminish the cities of their history and individuality. They were burning any book they could get their filthy hands on, and stealing valuable artifacts of the Roman Empire.

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