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environmental problmes by MNC

            Multi-national Corporations: Are they at the heart of many Environmental problems facing the Global South?.
             Introduction .
             The worlds changing perception of the environment and the further development of globalisation throughout our planet is having a profound effect on our ability to maintain a balance between development and the environment. Globalisation is taking over and it is the opinion of many that multi-national corporations are gaining more power in areas of politics and economy while damaging the environment in the process.
             However, it is unfair to say that only multinational corporations (hereafter referred to as MNCs) are the cause of environmental problems in the world. It is feasible that the phenomenon of Globalisation and the development of so many MNCs are only speeding up a process we as a society began so long ago. It is also arguable that the cooperation (or corruption many would argue) of many state governments, in a combined effort with MNCs in many countries is having an adverse effect on the environment. This is an issue that I will try to shed more light on in the course of this essay and really depict what should be done about our natural environment and its destruction by the globalisation of the world. .
             Sustainable development is a hot topic today in politics, law and environmental agencies. It is defined by the Bruntland commission as follows.
             "Sustainable development that meets the needs of the present.
             without compromising the ability of future generations to meet.
             their own needs."1.
             (World Commission on Environment & Development 1987 p43).
             The definition although vague, does reflect the fact that we should be looking after our planet for our future generations. The Rio convention added to this that we could only reach sustainable development through the "integration"2 of the environment with development.

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