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The Environmental Movement of Going Green

             Have you ever heard the phrase "everything old will eventually be new again"? As a child, I remember being confused when I heard that phrase wondering what it meant; maybe a new birth of some sort. Now that several years have passed I now know the answer to that question, yes. A rebirth or recycle is the perfect way to explain that statement; having spent several years on this earth I have witnessed the recycling of music, clothing, hairstyles, and even cultural movements. The same concept goes for recycling. The idea of recycling the recycling concept has been going on for some time now. In fact, it is a safe bet to say recycling dates back as far as supply and demand. Throughout the years recycling has taken on different names and faces. The latest name it is now donning is "Going Green". Although it has changed and evolved as people and technology had done so, its core existence remains intact; to ultimately save. The going green goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle. By integrating these three practices in everyday life, we will assist in saving a list of items including energy, water, trees, and the earth. .
             Keywords: rebirth, recycle, evolved, save, reduce.
             Going Green: Recycling and Eco Green Living.
             Deciding to "go green" is a gradual and tedious process for most people. It takes a certain amount of effort and change to practice an environment-friendly responsible lifestyle. Nonetheless, when we become more environmentally aware, concisely change our behavior and lifestyle to reduce the amount of pollution and waste we generate; we have decided to "go green". Any action you take that contributes to sustainable living makes a positive impact on the environment. Going green is more than just an individual lifestyle change. Going green includes making decisions to help protect the environment and maintain natural resources as well. .
             When we speak about "going green" usually the first thing that comes to mind is recycling.

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