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Globalization and the state

             Globalization is a term often used in today's modern context. Yet not many people are sentient of the implications that come with globalization. Many people are still unquestioning about the sugar-coated truths of globalization, swallowing facts with blind faith. What my essay seeks to do is to break away from the mould of typical positive stereotypes that come along with the term "globalization". Through out the course of my essay, I shall explore the challenges that globalization poses to the modern state particularly centred on the issues of power and sovereignty.
             The first part of my essay shall deal with defining and explaining the key terms of this essay. The issues that I shall seek to define and/or explain includes the term "globalization" itself and also state, power and sovereignty. There is no doubt that it is very indispensable to establish adequate understandings of the abovementioned terms before answering this question.
             I shall proceed to address the crux of the question. I shall start off by explaining the general challenges that globalization poses to the state's power and sovereignty. This will be followed by the concentration on various aspects of globalization like economics and how they actually affect the sovereignty of states.
             Hopefully, by the end of the essay, I shall be able to come to an appropriate conclusion on globalization as a whole. Does it bring more good then harm as what people think it does? .
             Globalization, State, Power and Sovereignty.
             "Globalization is the panacea for all our ills, but only in favour of the developed countries of the north".
             -Robert Reich.
             Before a person can answer the question posed by this essay, he or she must fully understand the concept of globalization. .
             "Globalization" can be defined as the growth, or more accurately, the highly quickened growth, of economic activity that spans politically defined national and regional boundaries.

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