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            William Shakespeare is one of the most innovative writers of the fifteenth century. His work has withstood over 3 centuries of change and continues to gain admiration from millions of intellectuals around the world. Shakespeare is accredited with writing thirty-seven plays that serve as a source of inspiration for modern literature and poetry. According to scholars, it is irrefutably evident that William Shakespeare was the leading playwright during the Elizabethan period. A few of the most popular plays created by Shakespeare include, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and one that will be discussed in detail: Macbeth. .
             Macbeth is the most widely performed play because it is the shortest and perhaps most intense of all Shakespeare's works. It attracts so many readers by giving them not only a glimpse into, but an analysis of the thoughts and convictions of a psychopath. Readers can dissect the structure of a madman and discover the factors that contributed to his falling out of reality and into complete chaos. The story that ended so intensely began with just as much confusion and pandemonium, introducing itself with three witches and weather that seemed to foretell the pending catastrophe. .
             The weather was not the only dark force present in those long nights. A hellish war was at its peak in Scotland and the stench of death encompassed all who were so unfortunate to live beneath the unstable structure of their government. But Scotland prevailed, honoring Macbeth as the hero of the battle. He gained many acclaims, including the king's, and became as fortunate as he ever would. And so, Macbeth's story begins at the top of his game which is crucial to the tragedy. We must see him at his greatest to fully comprehend his downfall.
             Macbeth became the Thane of Cawdor on that very night and was visited again by the witches and their prophecies. They spoke of Macbeth not only as a Thane, but soon a king.

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