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Does God Have A Future

             it is only necessary for a superstition .
             William Ralph Inge (Idea of Progress, 1920).
             Can Mankind survive without region? For centuries this question has been asked and the same response is received over and over again: we just do not know. Karen Armstrong, author of the essay, "Does God Have a Future?," examines the realities of the varying ideas of divinity and spirituality. She carfully identifies many different conceptions of God throughout history and suggests that concepts of the divine are not absolute, but emerge out of specific moments in human history. Does this mean that spirituality is only evident when it is convenient? Do people nowadays simply not have the time to be spirityal? Robert Wuthnow, author of "Making Choices: From Short-Term Adjustments to Principled Lives," seems to agree that people are just too busy for God. He insists on a need for an "ideal moral discourse" (696) to discard autonomous decision-making and enhance spirituality and individual decision-making techniques. This "technique," so to speak, was even exhibited in John Krakhauer's essay "Into the Wild" where the lead character, Chris McCandless" forays into Nature on a quest for a spiritual revolution. Collectively, I feel spirituality, in fact, tends to limit individual personality and identity as we can see in both Wuthnow and Krakhauer's essays, and I would like to suggest, as an alternative, people should create a faith for themselves; one that can incorporate individual value orientation, conceptions of the good, and ethical considerations.
             Armstong emphasizes the many varying conceptions of divinity and spirituality. She touches on all systems from atheism, where followers vehemently reject God, all the way to the God of the mystics, where typical beliefs suggest God is altruistic and only expressible through art. Regardless of the name of the specific belief, each system restricts its followers somehow.

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