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Lit Review

             This article was somewhat interesting and the author made a couple of points that I agreed with, but otherwise it was not a very stimulating read. The prison camp Coldizt was used as a metaphor for the author's theory on why individuals leave group therapy at particular times. I did enjoy some of the history given in regards to World War II and the prison camp Colditz. Essentially what the author is saying in this article is that for various narcissistic reasons members in a group may individually decide it is time for them to leave the group. The author sees this as a call for help or attention that is often centered on the individual announcing their exit from the group. Because in his experience most group members have not sufficiently resolved the issues, which brought them to group, this form of exiting the group is an unconscious means of gaining support and attention and being "held" by the group and the group leader. The author did qualify this by stating that this belief of escapism does not pertain to those who have sufficiently resolved their "neurosis" and leave group therapy appropriately. .
             The author focused only on psychoanalytical groups which last for significantly long period of times, the case studies given in the article were of groups that had lasted three years or longer. The author states that while group can be a safe secure holding place for individuals it can also be a frightening potentially self-destructive place from which someone may feel the need to escape. The author felt the role of a group leader is to let the group speak, bring out agreements and disagreements, repressed tendencies and reactions against them, and containing the group boundaries in a safe environment. .

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