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Raisin in the Sun

             "Dreams" - This play can be summarized by its theme of dreams. Everything and every action were done by the motivation of a better or dream. Everyone in the family, old or young, had their own "dream." The mother wanted a house for the family, the son wanted the insurance money to start his own store, and the girl wanted to attend college. As the matriarch, Mama Younger made the decision and placed a down payment on a nice house for the family in a total-white neighborhood. Because the Youngers were colored folks, they were not invited into the new vicinity. Also, they were convinced by the neighbors that they should not move in at all. This theme played a major role, and the outcomes of the theme were what inspired and encouraged the family to continue fighting even if it is against all odds. Surprisingly at the end, their dream does come true. This theme of dreams has opened up the eyes of many. It made me realize that even when you are against all odds, there still might be that slight chance of accomplishing what you want. Never stop fighting for what you truly aspire is not only the theme of this book, but it should also be the theme of life. .
             Character: .
             Walter - He is Mama's son and also a dreamer. He has many good intentions for the family, but he is easily devastated by his own failures. It was his final decision to move into the new house that showed he possesses courage and will be an asset for the struggles the family will face ahead. .
             Lena - The matriarch of the Youngers, she was old but wise and knew the right from wrong. She was the bolster to their dreams; when things were not going their way, she remained calm and optimistic. Mama reminds me very much of my own mother. I would capriciously have dreams I want to make but some were quite unrealistic for my age. It was then for my mom to goad me on the ones that were not so abstract. Even when I failed, she would always be there by my side to encourage me to continue on.

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