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Blade Runner Review

            This review is obviously on "Blade runner the Director's cut". In 1993 Ridley Scott finally released the real Blade Runner. Many People were actually suspires many. The Original one that was released in 1982 was hopeless. It was nominated for two Academy Awards which were Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, and Best Visual Effects. With the release of Spielberg's ET at the same time made it hard to do well. Economically it did horribly.
             The Director's cut is easily 10 times better than the originally. Without the voice overs, the absolute phoney ending in other words Hollywood ending or Chick Flick ending. It was then replaced with the original dialogue, an extra scene featuring the Unicorn dream and a more believable ending. The Star Harrison Ford who plays Deckard originally recorded the narration under pressure since Warner Bros continually insisted he do it. The executives actually thought the story needed more "explanation"; Ford later confessed that he did it badly on purpose in hope the executives would not use it. Well didn't they prove him wrong.
             One of the most impressive things for me in this movie was it Futuristic vision of Los Angeles. A huge city in "Sunny Southern California" turned into a dark, rainy city; it's almost the complete opposite, its Los Angeles Nightmare. This movie has a "Shadow" style. A dark and evil place full of Mystery. The classic detective/murder mystery easily moulds into the shadows creating a good theme.
             The set is so realistic it's actually scary, because it can easily be the possible future. The dark alley ways, shadowy streets, the huge Pyramid Buildings. The easily set the scene for the movie to unfold to its true potential. The dark sky and the flames set the mood for a place of crime and punishment.
             The Acting in Blade Runner was very good. Harrison Ford did very well; he showed the raw emotion, the spite, the love, the fear brilliantly. He fitted perfectly into the movie.

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