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Blade Runner: Film Evaluation

            How plausible is the cloning of humans? Currently, scientists are working on many projects, such as tissue engineering and cloning of animals. They have not yet found a way to make exact copies of humans. The movie Blade Runner talks about genetic engineering of humans, making it a definite science fiction film for the time being.
             Blade Runner's review's all say the same about the movie, "Despite its imperfections and occasionally muddy plot points, Blade Runner successfully combines and transcends the sci-fi and detective genres," says TV Guide. The first release of Blade Runner turned out to be unsuccessful in the box-office in 1982 because of the "pesky narration" of Harrison Ford and the happy ending with a "ride into the sunset." These scenes were cut from the newer release of Blade Runner: The Directors Cut in 1992. Included in the new version, "the unicorn scene," where Harrison Ford has a dream of a unicorn, was originally cut from the first appearance of Blade Runner.
             The focus of the movie is on the depicted vision of Ridley Scott's Los Angeles in the year of 2019. Huge skyscrapers are everywhere and the streets are filled with dirt, trash, and crowds of beings from off-world colonies. Los Angeles is reviewed by TV Guide as a "giant melting pot," because of so much diversity. TV Guide also says,"(Blade Runner) is a fascinating detective story about a world-weary android-killer and his renegade prey." The retired blade runner, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is a twenty-first century policeman who's job is to kill replicants that have trespassed on earth from off-world colonies. The replicants, developed by Tyrell Corporation, are genetically engineered to look and live as humans, but have super-strength abilities, and intelligence equal to their creators. Their duty is to work as slave laborers and colonize and explore other planets, within their life span of only four years.

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