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Speech- blade runner and brave new world

            "We have arrived at that brave new world that seemed so distant in 1932 when Aldous Huxley wrote about human beings created in test tubes in what he called hatchery. In recent weeks, we learned that scientists have created human embryos in test tubes solely to experiment on them." President George W. Bush, 2001.
             It is evident that as we progress into the future, we are faced with growing moral and ethical concerns about humanity and its ambition to become god. The moral and ethical concerns we are faced with today are human cloning, genetic engineering, and step cell research. .
             Good morning everyone, my name is Scott Ridley, the director of Blade Runner. Blade Runner is a movie of the dystopic science fiction genre and is based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The world in Blade Runner somewhat resembles the world created by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. Blade Runner and Brave New World both predict a world where humanity has lost its way and has been profoundly manipulate by science and technology; worlds where nature has no influence on humanity. .
             Through the study of text from different historical and cultural background, it can be seen that the issue dealt in texts are greatly influenced by the context in which they were created. The context of Blade Runner was as such that during the 1980s, the technological and scientific developments became more immediate in everyday life. Along with the increasing development of personal computer and mechanical production, came fears of redundancy of jobs, invasion of privacy and more importantly the fear of technology reaching such point to imitate humanity. People were becoming increasing aware of the effects of industrialisation such as pollution, acid rain, global warming, as well as overpopulation and extinction of animal species. .
             To the responder today, the text merely serves as a warning of what might take place in the future as some of the issue dealt in Blade Runner are evident today.

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