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Brave New World / Blade Runner

            In comparing your TWO texts you will have become aware of how the contexts (situation that it is set in) of the texts have shaped their form and meaning. Of more interest, perhaps, is a comparison of the values associated with each text.
             To what extent has this point of view been your experience in your study of Transformations OR In the Wild?.
             Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World both explore the concept In the Wild through different forms.
             Both present a dystopian future with a bleak vision of the world. .
             The selected texts show us an almost eradicated "natural" environment and this challenges our basic instincts as to what constitutes "wild" as well as what constitutes a natural world.
             To present their views the composers have established, through the use of separate setting, narrative, characterization and language techniques, their ideas of society and the future. Other common field techniques are satire and irony to impress the view of the future on to the reader or viewer. .
             Scott effectively uses a futuristic approach to design and styles in contrast the styles of the 1980's. He also uses a unique blend of genres including science fiction, "film noir" and detective, expertly approached and moulded together.
             The focal point of Blade Runner is not the destruction of the natural world but of the "wilderness" that the civilisation has progressed into.
             The opening scene of Blade Runner is shot in the focus of blacks and reds to push across the concept of "Hades", a world filled with despair and pollution.
             The year is 2019 and the city is Los Angeles, it is littered, polluted, with tight claustrophobic streets. A person can feel completely alone even though people surround them. .
             Humans are the only creatures that can possess humanity, however, in Blade Runner the humans have swapped humanity for technological advancement without much concern as to what effects this might have on human kind.

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