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Blade Runner

            Blade Runner the movie opens up many philosophical questions. It can be related to the chapter 2 in Thomas Nagel's book "What does it All Mean". The main question stated at the beginning of the chapter is the main question that I felt was raised by the movie. How do we know anything? How do we know anything exists? How do we know what is real and what is not? How can anything be proven? This relates to the field of philosophy, epistemology, or the search for knowledge. .
             How do we know anything? That is the question that I thought of immediately in blade runner. Ho do you know if the person you are talking to is human or not? This relates to Thomas Nagel's question how do you know thing really exist. When going through this futuristic world Harrison Ford is an expert in tracking these replicants but still has trouble and needs to administer a test to be sure. So how can the normal person tell? They can't unless they are adept at administering a test. .
             In book what does it all mean it discusses this same thing? How do you know if what you are seeing is real? You don't your senses are all you got and you can't be exactly sure if they are real or just a stimulant to keep your mind entertained in some kind of realm that has physical features. .
             People rely on these features that there is an external world. Just like a human in the future of the earth would rely on the skin and characteristics on the replicants to be real. They rely on what we seem to know that the skin looks real and that they walk and live like a normal human. So any naive human would assume by their senses that these replicants are real just like we rely on our senses that there is a physical world.
             How does the blade runner know that these replicants are real or not? They physically appear like a human. They have the same skin they and they walk and talk like a normal human. So what constitutes real? They could be real because of the physical features and the fact that they exist like a human.

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