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A Screening Report on Blade Runner

            Mise-en-scene as defined by our text book is the directors control over what appears in the film frame, by controlling what appears he actually stages the event for the camera. Blade Runner is an excellent film in which mise-en-scene is used to stage very believable science fiction events. Mise-en-scene is also controlled to draw the view in as a participant. Mise-en-scene is artfully used to discern good from evil, and life from death. Ridley Scotts absolute control of mise-en-scene in Blade Runner is the glue that holds this science fiction thriller together. This film is very believable and captures your imagination from beginning to end.
             The mixture of natural events (like the rain) and future events (like the wall to wall industrialized Los Angeles) make the film believable. Seeing everyday things intertwined with science fiction makes you accept the entire scene as true. The advertisement blimp with all its lights and pictures was seen throughout the film. Each time it is seen through a broken skylight, or flying over run down skyscrapers it becomes more a part of the "natural" scene and accepted as true. Even the fact most of the characters ignored the blimp; lend credibility to its existence. Using these subtle mixtures prevented any contemplation of; "can they really do that?".
             The fight scenes between Deckard and Leon and between Deckard and Roy Batty are incredibly believable. The use of darkness, and water in these scenes complemented the close ups of a beaten Deckard. The downward angle made the character seem weak and beaten. The upward angle of the camera and the longer pauses on the speaking character made him seem powerful and intimidating. The sound effect during the fight scenes were so real you could almost feel them. Every fight scene had me setting on the edge of my set, dodging fists, and shouting encouragement.
             In this film the evil characters, Tyrell, Batty, Leon, Zhora, and Pris have dark black eyes.

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