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Italian Renaissance

            During the times of the Italian Renaissance, the educational systems were among many issues that were on the minds of many people, despite the most common; Art. In the United States today most of the educational ideas and values originate from many religious traditions of the Jews, both in the religious way as well as in a Christian way. Another tradition was resultant from education in ancient Greece. This is where Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, were the influential thinkers on education. .
             The Religious influence was a very inopportune incidence for the West, leading to a great period of institutionalized ignorance known as the Middle Ages. Humanism initiated roughly through the Middle Ages as superstition and a dogmatic religion. Superstition took over the teachings and practices of medicine. This sometimes went over-board also and still exists today.
             As this era ended, Petrarch was the first to look back at many years of late Roman antiquity down to the Dark Age. This was marked by both literary in culture and public value. Petrarch's discoveries came to be called the humanistic approach because he occupied himself with the humanities. He did this with writings that were more human. .
             His humanistic views captivated many minds in Europe and later turned it from religion to philosophy and revealed the riches of pagan thought and art. .
             The humanist-inspired revival, known as the Renaissance also led to many improvements in Science and Art. The values of individual right to be educated came about in this time because Petrarch believed; through education, humans can progress with their lives and thinking. Cultures can grow and really follow the saying, .

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