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My Sassy Girl

             From My Sassy Girl, the principal ideologies for debate that can be found are the ones on the positions of females and youths. We have talked about how the movie denotes an anti-stereotypical angle, yet reinforces gender stereotypes as its final word. At a superficial level, the liberalisation of women from the subordination to men is embodied in Jih Yun. Overall, the status of women in the show is shown to be more powerful and dictatorial too. This is a departure from expected cultural codes of behaviour for women, guarded by the teachings of Confucius:.
             A. Sam-jong-jido: women mustserve three males: the father, husband and son.B .Ch'il-go-ji-ak women mustnot do the seven evils (disobedience to parents in law, infertility, adultery,jealousy, bad illness, talkativeness and stealing)C. Pu-haeng-pyon codes for women's behavior include:l) women should stay in their assigned status;2) must not go outside of their own houses for social activities;3) should make food and clothing for men;4) should not become involved in political affairs;5) accept marriages arranged by parents.
             Source: Chung Sei-wha;Challenges for Women Seoul: Ewha Woman's University Press.
             Scratching beneath the superficial, Jih Yun, far from vocalizing women's concerns, ends up being the example of how gender equality can go very wrong. After all, she takes advantage of Kyun-Woo as a gentleman. For instance, in the train, when they play a game, she slaps him tightly, while he can barely want to hit her. Jih Yun is the caricature of the strong woman, and Kyun-Woo her counterpart as the caricature of a weak man. Society with gender roles turned inside-out will not work, as the story reverts to norms towards the end. There is no case for empowerment of females.
             Also, many female roles are reaffirmed in the story. Jih Yun's mother is shown to serve her husband, Kyun-Woo's aunt serves him by constantly looking for a mate for him. Both Kyun-Woo's and Jih Yun's mothers are always shown in the domestic setting, dressed as housewives, and doing housechores.

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