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Me: Then and Now

            10-year-old me was a sassy dramatic young girl who wanted to be the winner of everything. I was the president of student council. I ruled with the boys at recess on the the kickball team. I even was dating the cutest boy in all of fourth grade, Nick. Our class had sort of a bad rep heading into fourth grade, and this rep followed us on into the rest of our school career. We would get banned from games on the playground. Students would have SLAMS, more commonly known as homework detentions. We would hardly ever get a good note from a sub or specials teacher. The chaos in our grade was real. Third grade would be when I realized I loved sports. My love for basketball became really strong in the fourth grade. This is when my parents put me on a competitive team and we traveled all over playing all sorts of really hard teams. We actually hardly won any games this year. Things started to look up the more we played and we ended up being unstoppable in years to come. My thoughts at ten years old were pretty basic. Elementary school stunk and I couldn't wait to grow up. I thought high school was going to be the coolest thing ever. I thought I'd still have the same friends and even some more. I couldn't wait for the best years of my life. Our school is K-12 so I grew up looking up to high school students. Most of them I believed to have never done any wrong. Turns out, I had been wrong. .
             17-year-old me is less dramatic and sassy but still strives for greatness. I am now the president of our high school student council. I am a district vice president in future business leaders of america. I also hold leadership positions on the basketball team and in my class, as well as I am drama club king. Thats right I said king. While I may not hold an officer position in these, I am also involved in girl scouts, National Honors Society, choir, and Future Teachers of America. I also run track in the spring and cheer under the friday night lights.

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