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            Throughout my life I have been faced with many obstacles in which, luckily, I have overcome. Unfortunately though, many of those obstacles I created myself. When kids enter high school, they make decisions as freshman that foreshadow the rest of their high school career. Sadly, I picked the wrong path to follow. This choice led me to a long and hard couple years. I was getting in trouble in school, getting in trouble at home, and even getting in trouble with the law. Until one day I was expelled from school. I left my friends, my teachers, my work and I went to a brand new environment. This is when I began to see that I needed to change. .
             In the first couple months of my freshman year I had to deal with the death of my grandmother. We had a very close relationship. I remember when I was little I used to sit on her lap as we played games or read a book. Because her death was never fully explained to me, I began to drift away from my family. I started to look for comfort in the new friends I was making. This was one of the first mistakes I made. My new friends were in to partying and drugs. In order to keep them my friends I felt I had to keep up, which meant partying along with them. So of course, my grades began to fall and I started to become out of control. .
             Eventually my behavior started to get so bad that it was causing problems in my home. I would walk in the front door and hear my parents fighting over how they were going to deal with me. The screaming would not stop and with in a couple minutes I would be part of it. Today I know that I almost caused my parents to get a divorce. With my partying, low grades, and all out disrespect I was driving my parents insane and they were taking it out on each other.
             As Ientered my sophomore year everything was still the same. I had been suspended plenty of times, arrested, put on probation, and practically anything that was bad- Idid. Then came junior year.

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